Meet The Garden Day Spa & Salon Team

Heather Rogers, Owner

Massage Therapist, Esthetician | Providing Professional Massage Therapy for 17 Years

NC Massage and Bodywork License #429, NC Esthetics License #E7388 | 2013 #1 Massage Therapist by RM Telegram 

Heather Rogers is the founder and owner of The Garden Day Spa & Salon. Her impressive educational background reflects the true dedication she has to her establishment, and also to the excellence of the current services offered. Heather has made it her goal to acquire all the possible skills and knowledge of Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Esthetics, Airbrush Tanning, and many more up and coming services such as Eyelash Extensions. Heather began her educational journey at Virginia Commonwealth University, graduating with a BS in Kinesiology and Exercise Science in 1997. She continued on to the Medical Arts Massage School in Raleigh where she became an expert in Massage Therapy in 1999. From there, she was able to open her first practice called Health Touch Massage. 

Through this endeavor, she gained valuable experience and developed wonderful relationships with the people of Rocky Mount. Health Touch Massage prospered and she made the bold decision of expanding the practice in 2003. Heather designed, built, and opened The Garden Day Spa & Salon and it opened in February 2005. With the success of this new venture, Health Touch Massage dissolved and she chose to operate solely under the name The Garden Day Spa & Salon. Today, Heather not only thrives as a mother and entrepreneur, but also manages to continue her education in a variety of areas, while staying current with the latest spa services.  


Rebecca Murray

Massage Therapist 

13 Years of Experience

NC Massage and Bodywork License #4339

Rebecca is a highly effective, veteran Massage Therapist who has been with The Garden for ten years. Her welcoming and bright personality makes for a lovely experience for new and regular clients. She attended the Medical Arts Massage School in 2004, and prior to that, worked as an assistant of a Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation center. 


Rebecca specializes in Therapeutic massage, including deep tissue, trigger point therapy, and stretch release techniques. She is also proficient in Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Reflexology, Sports Massage, Detoxifying Body Wraps, and Passive Stretch Techniques. 

Kathleen James

Massage Therapist

15 Years of Experience

NC Massage and Bodywork License #3071

Kathleen has been a licensed massage therapist for over 15 years, where she has worked in clinical and spa settings. She specializes in therapeutic massage using a client-centered approach. This may include Swedish, deep tissue, stretching, TP sports massage, and joint mobilization. She also enjoys and is certified in hot stone, prenatal, reflexology, and aroma therapy.

Beverly Finch

Massage Therapist

15 Years of Experience

NC Massage and Bodywork License #3374

Beverly is an outstanding massage therapist who takes pleasure in helping her clients. She believes full body massage is the most effective. Beverly graduated from Medical Arts Massage School in Raleigh, NC. She has 15 years of experience.


Julie Goodsell


20 Years of Experience

NC Esthetics License #E206

NC Manicurist License #M8927

Julie is a highly experienced esthetician who has been practicing her passion of skin care since the mid-90's.  Her education began in 2005, where she trained in Esthetics at the Medical Arts Massage School.  She served on the North Carolina Aesthetician Association Board from 2001-2003.  Her impressive resume continues with the completion of a paramedical course in Esthetics in 2008.  


Julie is extremely practiced and has extensive experience with Chemical Peels and Microdermabrasion, as well as body and facial waxing.  She is also a licensed nail technician and provides manicures and pedicures at The Garden.  Julie is dedicated to her clients and thoroughly enjoys interacting and working with each individual to help them become familiar with their specific skincare needs.

Sharon Edwards

Esthetician | Waxing

NC Esthetics License # E E4612
10 years of experience

Sharon has served the Rocky Mount community with skin care needs since 2008. She is a graduate from Edgecombe Community College of Tarboro. She is certified in microdermebrasion, waxing, facials, and spray tans. Sharon loves working with and meeting new people.


Diane Brouchkie

Hair Stylist

9 Years of Experience

NC Cosmetology License # C 81469

Dianne is a creative hair stylist who has 9 years of experience. She graduated from Mitchell’s Hairstyling in Wilson, NC. Dianne enjoys the creative aspect of her job. She loves how every day is unique.  She enjoys all of her services, but short hair styles and color are her favorite.

Martha Leyh

Hair Stylist

18 Years of Experience

NC Cosmetology License #C66291

Martha is a veteran Hair Stylist with sixteen years of experience. She graduated from the Tri-State Beauty College in El Paso, Texas. Martha has been with the Garden since 2009. Her specialties include modern cuts, color, color correction, and highlights. 


Martha finds great gratification in the final product. She loves the fun and relaxing atmosphere of her work environment, her relationship with clients and colleagues, and most importantly, the smile on customer’s faces when they walk out of the salon.

Shauna Minshew

Hair Stylist

35 Years of Experience

NC Cosmetology License #C74891


Shauna is a veteran Hair Stylist that has been with the Garden since 2005. She graduated from Cosmetology School in Washington State, and since has gained an impressive 35 years of experience in Hair Care and Styling. 


Shauna has a knack for working with naturally curly hair, and is skilled in cuts and styles for short and long hair. Shauna is very efficient with all of her clients, and makes it her goal to stay on schedule. She loves taking on new people as well as working with her long term clientele.

Casie Varnell

Hair Stylist

17 Years of Experience

NC Cosmetology License #C56971

Casie graduated from Mitchell’s Hairstyling Academy. She has had twelve years of experience since, and became an employee at the Garden in 2005. Casie has built a fantastic clientele.


She loves seeing the results of her work, and the transformation that a great cut and/or color can have on an individual. Of all her services offered, Casie enjoys coloring and haircuts the best. 

Renee Pittman

Hair Stylist

18 Years of Experience

NC Cosmetology License #C63907

Renee graduated from Nash Community College with a double degree. She has studied under the American Board of Certified Hair Colorists and is highly skilled in hair cutting. She specializes in all types of hair and is an expert in designing innovative hair styles to meet the needs of her clients. Renee is also a cosmetology instructor and enjoys educating new hair stylists.


Jessica Brewer


NC Manicurist License #M6000

Jessica graduated from Nash Community College in 1995. Since then, she has made a full career in Rocky Mount. She has enjoyed serving her community for 22 years. Jessica specializes in CND shellac, as a Grand Master Status.

Savannah Bass


NC Manicurist License #M80101

Savannah is a young, yet determined nail technician. She loves doing unique and fun nail art. She is currently the only manicurist here who does artificial gel nails. She loves making others feel better about themselves. Savannah graduated from Aiken School of Cosmetology in South Carolina in 2016.

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