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Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapy

Your treatment begins with a brief consultation so that you can inform your therapist of any special concerns or needs, and afterwards your therapist will share their findings and making recommendations for you to achieve long-lasting results. When booking the Custom Therapeutic Massage online, you are welcome to inform us of your upgrade selections in the special instructions space. If you are undecided at the time of booking, you can decide during the brief consultation. All massage tables are heated. Please let your Massage Therapist know if you’d like it non-heated.

All services at The Garden use the highest quality, luxurious products to ensure you are receiving

the highest performance ingredients.

Length of Massage Therapy Sessions represent Actual Hands-On Work and is priced accordingly.


A session that is described as 60 minutes in length is actually 60 minutes. Allow extra time

to redress and prepare for another service or to depart.

Gratuities are not included.

Head to Shoulders

30 minutes | $70

Focused on providing an instant relaxation from muscular tension held in the head, neck and shoulders. This treatment uses Swedish, light to firm, and other massage modalities, not deep tissue massage. Ideal for those on the go.

Head, Shoulders and Back

45 minutes | $80

Eases muscular tension held in the head, neck, shoulders and back. This treatment uses Swedish, light to firm, and other massage modalities, not deep tissue massage. During a brief consultation with your professional Massage Therapist, you may decide if it is most beneficial to include the arms in the session, depending on your goal for the session. 

Massage for Teens (13-16)

45 minutes | $90
Teenagers have lots of stress! It varies day to day from physical, mental to emotional and often dramatic, not to mention their bodies are growing, which can lead to growing pains. Professional Massage Therapy is an excellent way for teens to start learning to cope with stress. This 45 minute massage includes Warmed Volcanic Stones is designed for teens, whether they want to come in to relax and distress after exams or receive a sports massage. Sports massages are extremely therapeutic for overworked muscles and can help rehabilitate injuries, shorten recovery time, and improve performance by increasing flexibility and range of motion. Investing in multiple massages could be particularly helpful if your child is serious about pursuing athletics or dance in college. A parent will be required to complete a minor-release form and be present in the treatment room or facility during the session.


Massage for Children (8-12)

30 minutes | $70
Children love to receive massage just as much as grownups. This 30 minute Full Body massage session includes Aromatherapy and is designed for the child that wants to get massages just like Mom and Dad. Teaching them to relax and calm down through massage is a gift that will stay with them for life. Great for any child, especially the hyperactive. As long as the child gives permission to receive massage, our professional Massage Therapists will use the appropriate pressure and techniques along with relaxing Aromatherapy to calm and ease. A parent will be required to complete a minor-release form and be present in the treatment room during the session. Children younger than 8 are welcome, upon consultation.

Sinus Relief Massage
45 minutes | $80

Release and deep relaxation of the neck and upper back muscles naturally enhances lymphatic drainage for the sinuses. Heather has offered this specialty combined with manual lymphatic drainage here at The Garden since 2005. Now offered by all of the Massage Therapists, your Professional Massage Therapist will use lymphatic drainage massage enhanced with hot towels and a special sinus aromatherapy blend to loosen and soothe facial and scalp muscles and sinuses. 

Barefoot In The Garden

45 minutes | $80

Rewarding tired, achy, sore feet and calves with this treatment will leave you feeling both energized and grounded. Your Professional Massage Therapist will begin with an exfoliating scrub of the lower legs and feet followed by hot towels. A blend of rejuvenating massage and reflexology techniques combined with warmed volcanic stones will leave you feeling “ahhhh”mazing. 

Swedish Massage

60 minutes | $90 
90 minutes | $125

A classic Full Body Swedish Massage calms the nervous system for an overall sense of calm and well-being. This treatment stimulates circulation and is gentler than therapeutic massage. It involves soft, long, kneading strokes, as well as light, rhythmic, tapping strokes, on the uppermost layer of muscles to leave you feeling both relaxed and energized.

Mother-To-Be Nurturing Massage

60 minutes | $100

A unique massage session designed for the special needs and changing body of the mother-to-be, leaving her feeling energized and balanced. Prenatal massage aims to relieve stress on the lower back, neck, ankles and feet and aid with minor swelling. Baby receives a massage if the mother allows. The belly is massaged only with permission. Careful support during the massage is enhanced by pillows and body positioning.  


Custom Therapeutic Massage

60 minutes (Includes 2 upgrades) | $120

90 minutes (Includes 3 upgrades) | $150

Releases chronic muscular tension, soreness and pain through an integrated blend of relaxing Swedish techniques along with Deep Tissue massage, Myofascial Techniques and Trigger Point Therapy where it is needed. Relaxation is further enhanced by hot towels being applied to the back and feet as this treatment ultimately leaves you feeling revitalized and re-energized. During a brief consultation, you and your Professional Massage Therapist customize this treatment with included upgrades and techniques.

UPGRADES to Select from for The Custom Therapeutic Massage:

  • Deeper Specific Work in ONE specific area (can choose twice)

  • Warmed Volcanic Stones

  • Aromatherapy for the Body

  • Aromatherapy Sinus Blend and Hot Towels on Sinuses

  • Back Exfoliating Scrub

  • Happy Hands Paraffin Treatment (seasonally-scented)

Lymphatic Massage

45 minutes | $100  60 minutes | $120
Heather completed her training and certification in Dr. Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Decongestive Therapy in 2002. She assists many locals in their recovery from different types of surgery that involve swelling (edema), fibrosis and bruising. Most of these surgeries are cosmetic in nature, such as Face Lifts, Breast Surgeries, Liposuction, Tummy Tucks and Brazilian Butt Lifts but also includes a variety Joint Replacements and Cancer Surgeries. As there are many reasons you would receive manual Lymphatic massage, Heather will consult with you over the phone to get your questions answered and scheduled. Please contact her directly at 252-903-9461.

Blend of Massage Therapy, Neural Reset Therapy® and Muscle Tuning®

60 minutes | $120
90 minutes | $150
Heather Rogers offers this Blend of Massage Therapy, Neural Reset Therapy® and Muscle Tuning. After consulting with you and defining your goals for the session or series of sessions, she creates a sequence to assist you in your goal. This is often targeted and may not be a full body massage. Often it is a full body massage, depending on the goal. Heather loves to see the clients reaction when their pain vanishes in seconds without anyone grinding and pushing on their tender areas. Using NRT, she briefly stimulate the receptors embedded in the selected muscle by asking for a position to be held or for a movement in a particular direction. Or she will tap on a muscle in such a way as to cause receptors to send a special message to the spinal cord. That new message goes through the spinal integrating center which will reset the nervous system so the muscle is optimized neurologically. Muscle Tuning® uses Kinesiology to tune up the muscles and ensure they are handling their own load. Often in injury or stress, muscles simply don't engage when or at the level they should.


Full Body Salt Scrub

20 minutes | $50 

You will be left with glowing skin after this treatment. Full body exfoliation encourages the skin to be smoother and softer, paving the way for fresh new cells to regenerate. A refreshing salt scrub can help the body’s natural detoxification efforts, helping to eliminate stagnant toxins from the body. Received on a warmed massage table. Seasonal Aromatherapy is added for a multi sensory treat. This is a lovely service to schedule before your massage.

UPGRADE OPTIONS available for any Massage Service

Added when scheduling or at the time of service.

Back Exfoliating Scrub | $15

Hands & Feet Exfoliating Scrub | $15

Lower Legs & Feet Scrub with Hydrating Mask | $20

Aromatherapy for Body | $15

Aromatherapy Sinus Blend & Hot Towels on Sinuses | $15

Happy Hands Heated Paraffin Treatment (seasonally-scented) | $15

Warmed Volcanic Stones | $15

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Indulgence for Relaxation and Calm

Ultimate Garden Massage
100 minutes | $200

  • Includes Warmed Volcanic Stones in long strokes, full body

  • Lower Leg & Feet Salt Scrub and Hydrating Masque

  • Soothing Neck Wrap

  • Aromatherapy for Body


This massage is for one that is reaping the benefits of committing time to their own self-care. This person appreciates a balance in life of committing to others as well as themselves. If that is for you, your professional Massage Therapist will incorporate into this 100 minute Swedish Aromatherapy Massage a blend of relaxing and invigorating Swedish techniques along with warmed Volcanic Stones applied in long strokes to the full body. You will also enjoy a lower legs and feet exfoliating  Salt Scrub followed by a Hydrating Masque to the same area as well as a soothing neck wrap to keep the upper back and neck warm throughout this treat. 


60 minutes | $120   

90 minutes | $150

For our out of town clients that want a Kinesiology Session and a Full Body massage, there are combination options:

60 Minute Kinesiology Session along with a 60 Minute Custom Therapeutic Massage | $230

​90 minute Kinesiology session along with a 60 minute Custom Therapeutic Massage  | $260

Please read the description for Kinesiology on its dedicated info page, which can be located on the services page of this website.

When booking online, Kinesiology is listed under Wellness/Integrative rather than Massage.

For more information, questions or to schedule call Heather directly at (252) 903-9461.


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Prepayment at the Time

of Booking Required.

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